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Recognize the Causes of Sprue that Is Often Unconscious

Almost everyone has experienced thrush, and often thrush appears suddenly. There are some things that we can unknowingly actually cause canker sores. The cause of canker sores is sometimes difficult to ascertain. Even so, there are various factors that are known to trigger this condition, ranging from lack of nutritional intake, consumption of acidic or spicy foods, smoking habits, to the use of certain drugs. In addition, there are also some things that you do not realize can cause canker sores. Causes of Sprue that are often not realized Below are some things that can cause the appearance of canker sores: 1. Brush your teeth too hard Brushing your teeth too hard can be a cause of canker sores. The reason is, when you brush your teeth too hard or use a toothbrush with rough brush bristles, you can injure the gums and the surface of the oral cavity wall. This wound can lead to the appearance of thrush. 2. Bitten wound Lips, tongue, or the inside of the cheeks can sometimes be
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Natural Ways to Overcome Bad Breath

Bad breath is indeed very annoying and often erodes self-confidence, especially when talking to other people. But do not worry, there are several ways you can do to overcome bad breath naturally. Bad breath, or in medical terms called halitosis, is a condition that can be experienced by anyone. Rarely brushing teeth or poorly maintained oral and dental hygiene are the most common causes of bad breath. Causes of Bad Breath No routine brushing your teeth every day will make leftover food debris left in the mouth. Bacteria will grow on these flakes, then remove odorous compounds that cause bad breath. If left unchecked, bacteria that cause bad breath will multiply more and more, eventually forming dental plaque. When that happens, the odor that appears can be worse. Therefore, routine cleaning your teeth is very important to maintain healthy teeth and prevent bad breath. Apart from rarely brushing your teeth, lack of saliva due to dry mouth can also cause bad breath. The reason is

Prevent Low Blood Sugar This Way

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is a condition when blood sugar or glucose levels in the body are below normal levels. If the glucose level is very low, the muscles and cells in the brain will lack energy so that it cannot work properly. Low blood sugar can occur in someone who hasn't eaten for several hours. However, low blood sugar is more common in people with diabetes due to the use of insulin drugs or antidiabetic drugs taken. The risk of reducing blood sugar will be greater in diabetics who exercise heavier than usual, eat less than usual or undergo a diet that is too strict, and consume alcoholic beverages. How to Prevent Low Blood Sugar For those of you who are vulnerable to hypoglycemia, or diabetics who want to avoid low blood sugar, the following ways can be done to prevent this condition: Check blood sugar levels regularly Be diligent in checking blood sugar levels according to the advice of a doctor. You can do a blood sugar check yourself using a glucomete